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Conference Administration and Organisation Services is an organisation bureau with nearly 30 years international experience working with an extensive clientele including: business, governmental, health and academic agencies. Our field is very diverse, ranging from symposia, conferences, workshops and product launches to custom-made events such as tours, site-visits, parties and theatrical productions - at home and abroad.
As well as delivery of logistical services for events, CAOS specializes in developing concepts for events and longer-term strategies, programmes and projects for agencies.
We also offer our own online registration system and academic abstract system which can be adapted to the client's needs in-house and our IT specialists can create websites and web-shops
CAOS organizes events and projects that bridge the desire of the client, the expectation of the participants and the expertise of CAOS. The result is a happy client and smiling participants who leave with a good feeling and precious memories. Think of us as the people behind the organization: 'invisible', but always present to steer everything in the right direction using our know-how and energy. We are personal but professional, give creative attention to detail, and always think in terms of opportunities.

A team heading for its 30th anniversary

The employees of CAOS form a team that is now nearly 30 years old. Of course there are people coming and going, but we are proud of the unique atmosphere that CAOS has developed and kept over the years. We value the personal approach with each other and always try to include the client. We help each other and represent each other where needed. Experience shows that the client quickly becomes part of this strong team, resulting in a positive and productive working-relationship and a successful and unique event or project.

CAOS is a partner of the Amsterdam Congress and Tourism Bureau
CAOS is a partner of MVO Nederland
CAOS is a founding partner of the Ten Foundation
CAOS has its own software development: Its caos

Surprising, inspiring, creative and meaningful

A comic strip, a high-tech presentation or a non-profit campaign. Such supporting ideas for an event do not appear out of nowhere. CAOS conceives such ideas after careful consideration of the client's target group, objectives and budget. And of course the conviction: this will work! Our challenge is to find stimulating solutions for new questions and problems, in ever-changing situations. Need inspiration? Call us for a brainstorm session, we would be happy to step by your office. For an idea of what we can do, please have a look at these past and current projects...

Bouwend Nederland hired CAOS when it was their turn to host the FIEC (the European Construction Industry Federation) meeting in Amsterdam. We were pleased to organise the general assembly and main conference in Hotel Okura, alongside various tours for accompanying persons. The guests also enjoyed a dinner in the Okura and a banquet in the Scheepvaartmuseum (Maritime Museum) arranged by CAOS, complete with boat transfers, musical serenades and magical entertainment acts. On the last day, participants were taken to the Rijksmuseum for a private guided tour and an exclusive presentation by the architect in charge of its radical and worldwide-revered renovation, and to visit the construction site of the Amsterdam North-South metro-line. The client was very proud of the way we showed the participants the best of the Netherlands, and of course adapted the programme to the theme of construction in an appealing way.

Click here to see a video made for the event

CAOS runs the secretariat of Europengineers, a close network of leading European consulting engineering companies. This involves organising the annual general assembly and other board meetings throughout the year, as well as theme meetings, working groups and special forums for young professionals. Recently, among other activities, CAOS has arranged for managers to meet and discuss efficiency and sustainability, for technicians to meet and discuss airports and waste management and for young professionals to meet and visit the 2012 Olympics site in London, the new motor-tunnel and surrounding re-urbanisation in Madrid and the new harbour development in Hamburg.

CAOS organised the annual meeting for EPOS (the European Paediatric Orthopaedic Society) in Bruges, Belgium, and was happy to welcome the most participants that EPOS had seen yet - 800 people from all over the world. The meeting consisted of 4 days of scientific lectures, paper & poster presentations, technical symposium, and an industrial exhibition. EPOS is a growing society but has kept its family-feel and values the social aspect of its meeting, so other activities that CAOS successfully organised, such as a welcome reception in the belfry of Bruges, gala dinner in the court of Bruges, fundraising run and awards ceremony, were also very important. CAOS is looking forward to realising the next annual meeting in Marseille, France. We are also busy assisting regular EPOS board and committee meetings, expanding and professionalising the relationship between EPOS and industry, and supporting EPOS' mission to carry out educational and aid work via the EPOS Foundation.

For many years CAOS was working at the European Heart House in Sophia Antipolis, near Nice in France. The main task at the time was assisting the General Manager of ESC (the European Society of Cardiology) with setting up the registration system, scientific programming and organization on location. With over 30,000 delegates and 25 parallel sessions, this was a true test for our company. We passed the exam. After handing over to the ESC staff we continued to advise and assist in Birmingham, Stockholm, Barcelona and Berlin. When the conference returned to Amsterdam recently we were happy to be on the organizing team once again - arranging various activities including a party in the Arondshoeve, a dinner in the Hermitage, a dinner in the Rijksmuseum, city-tours and bus transfers. Thank you ESC for trusting us!

NMT (the Dutch Association of Dentists) wanted to create a very special programme of events throughout the year to celebrate its 100th anniversary, and chose CAOS to develop and realise these events. We began with a reception in the Ridderszaal (Hall of Knights) in the Hague, where NMT members and staff enjoyed great food and drink and each others company in the exclusive venue. Due to the excellent programme and design of the promotion we arranged, participation far exceeded what NMT had experienced before. Next we are organising a summer beach party, and will end the year by organising a Christmas party. CAOS also organised the NMT conference in Amsterdam, which, again attracted more delegates than before, including His Royal Majesty King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands. This conference consisted of lectures, workshops, an industrial exhibition, and was closed with a dinner for 900 in the Rijksmuseum. Last but not least, the NMT jubilee activity that CAOS is most proud to be working on is the 'National Check-up Week', whereby members of the Dutch public usually unable to access dental treatment due to financial or personal difficulty are offered a free dental check-up and to apply for support for further treatment.

CAOS is proud to be part of the Child Initiative. The treatment as offered in the Netherlands is leading in Europe and now these specialists wish to spread the word in Europe. The first meeting took place in Utrecht. As it is the DNA of our company, we could not just "do science"... so after listening carefully, we put 2 and 2 together and came up with the idea to organize a fashion show as closing ceremony. Our star models, Monica de Visser, Tosca Verweij and Jeanine Jansen were patients from the Dutch team. Please have a look at the clip and the pictures to see how we all shine during this beautiful moment.

Two new machines were introduced by Nespresso in Amsterdam and CAOS was the proud organizer of this world product launch. In the Okura Hotel 'Aguila' and 'Zenius' found their way to the market. Nespresso representatives and business-partners from all over the world travelled to Amsterdam for this event and enjoyed true Dutch hospitality with culinary tours (to the House of Bols for example), cultural visits (to the Van Gogh Museum for example) and a banquet dinner in the Beurs van Berlage (the Amsterdam Stock Exchange). Guests were also enabled to explore just like a local 'Amsterdammer' does...on a bike! You might spot Nespresso-branded bicycles around town.

We have organized a diverse range of meetings across Europe for Philips. The last major event was a BDA (Blu-Ray Disc Association) meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, which demanded international logistical arrangements. This meeting consisted of two parts - during the first three days the technical departments gathered together, and during the rest of the week the higher management. Other companies attended, including Disney, Sony, Samsung and those from the film industry. For this meeting, CAOS met all the practical requirements - transfers to and from the airport, dinners and receptions, visits to special locations and the technicalities of meetings. The event was especially complex because representatives had to communicate with partners from Tokyo to Los Angeles. Due to the time difference, many of these meetings had to be held during the night in Lisbon. We previously also organized this event for 300 participants in Athens, Greece. The BDA has since asked us to organize the registration of delegates for all meetings worldwide. We are very proud that our IT services are now available to them all!

CAOS began working for Compaq in 1999 and since the merger, we have continued with HP. CAOS runs the secretariat of Interexperience, the HP user group, and provides support for its daily activities, the newsletter and the support and management of approximately 1.000 members. One of the newest activities CAOS has initiated and is coordinating is the Young Employees initiatives. Here, young end-user employees (e.g. HP's clients such as Rabo-bank, KLM, Deloitte, Achmea insurance company), are connected to the business partners and the young HP employees. The idea behind this initiative is to connect these youngsters at an earlier stage in their life to build a sustainable relationship that will last longer.
CAOS also regularly supports HP with customer and/or partner events.

'The Heritage of the War' project was a 2 year long initiative of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport involving subsidizing the tracing, cataloging and preserving of unique materials and stories from World War II. The project concluded with a closing conference, partly organized by CAOS. His Royal Highness the Prince of Orange attended the reception and was presented with the 'Heritage of War' book. There was an extensive programme with national and international speakers and performances from Lois Lane and DJ ISIS. Videos and presentations that were made with collaboration from speakers, Captain Video and CAOS, attracted special attention.

The Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science hosted the first European edition of the International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) conference in the Hague. CAOS was responsible for the complex registration of over 700 participants from home and abroad to attend a range of talks, meetings, tours, workshops and social events at various venues in the city. CAOS also assisted with the logistics and strict protocol necessary to welcome ministers from across Europe, delegations from the Council of Europe and the European Parliament, international military and law enforcement LGBT networks, human rights activists, leading municipality representatives, students, the press and Her Royal Majesty Queen Máxima. In addition, CAOS assisted arranging the opening ceremony and dinner in the Ridderzaal (Hall of Knights) and the 'Jos Brink Prize' in Theatre Diligentia. It was a real pleasure to make our own contribution to this international human rights initiative.

Click here for a video-impression of the campaign.

We have organized various projects for different departments of the Municipality of Amsterdam. The most recent example is the annual language conference for the Department of Social Development which we have managed for many years. The meeting offers a wide range of workshops (more than 40!) for over 700 teachers, coaches and other language professionals from pre, early and primary education. Each year, CAOS guides the client in putting together the programme, supplies and manages an invitation and registration process, arranges and maintains contact with the location, caterers and technical assistants, and provides on-site management. It is a pleasure to work with this group repeatedly and to see it grow.
Another activity we organized for the municipality was 10 excursions on The Clipper Stad Amsterdam. This is a boat that was based on 18th century design and craftsmanship but constructed in the late 21st century by various Amsterdam authorities. Their initiative celebrated Dutch maritime tradition but was also designed to offer skills training and employment to the unemployed and disadvantaged youth of the city. After this was complete, the municipality had a new challenge: to arrange events that would bring together their specific target groups. CAOS and the municipality created this concept of organising excursions on The Clipper as a really unique way to for members of the target groups (which were as diverse as representatives of new business, educationalists, and socially disadvantaged families) to network.

CAOS founded the Ten Foundation in 1997, to find an opportunity for young people to secure safe and sustainable futures for themselves. The Ten Foundation has an ANBI status, and is an official "goede doelen" fund. Whilst based in the Netherlands, the Ten Foundation is also established as a registered trust in Zimbabwe where most if its activities are based. The Ten Foundation works to raise funds and find support (skills-based, organisational, logistical etc as well as financial) for existing projects, or to initiate projects in proactive communities. The Ten Foundation functions by supporting, and working with, volunteers and partner organizations. Ten is currently focusing on supporting and training vulnerable youth in Zimbabwe so that they can become safe and happy individuals able to lead positive independent adult lives. Ten is also active in the D.R.Congo, where, supported by Heineken, Bralima, Cordaid, the Netherlands Embassy and the Belgian Consulate, it works in training disadvantaged communities to produce their own food for consumption and sale.

CAOS is proud to put the experience and resources it gains towards Ten Foundation projects and is always seeking opportunities for CAOS and partners to contribute to a safer and fairer worldwide community, starting with the young beneficiaries Ten Foundation supports. For more information about the Ten Foundation, please see and contact us for details and opportunities.

For us at CAOS it is important to do our best working with and for the less privileged and vulnerable. We do not just do this via the Ten Foundation. We also try to develop ideas/collaborations in our daily work with clients and partners. For example in the Netherlands we have worked with Fokke & Sukke to create a campaign for NMT to increase socio-economically disadvantaged people's access to dental care. Internationally meanwhile, we are working with PCRF and EPOS to enable medical specialists from all over the world to treat children and train local medical teams in developing countries and conflict zones. We also worked with the Dutch government to organise the International Day Against Homophobia conference with the UN's message: LGBT rights are human rights. Together we will build a world that is free and equal.

Click here to see a video about a project entitled 'A Volcano of Opportunities'.

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Our client starring in a magic act during the FIEC conference banquet, organised by CAOS in the Scheepvaartmuseum (Maritime Museum), Amsterdam.
The view from an Europengineers site visit to the Viaduc de Millau, France, organised by CAOS.
From left to right:

The EPOS conference gala dinner organised by CAOS in the Provincial Court, Bruges, Belgium (Jürgen de Witte)

The EPOS conference organised by CAOS in the Concertgebouw, Bruges, Belgium (Jürgen de Witte)

EPOS delegates enjoying lunch at the conference organised by CAOS in the Concertgebouw, Bruges, Belgium (Jürgen de Witte)
A private tour of the famous Gallery of Honour (home to works of art by Vermeer and Rembrandt) and presidential dinner in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, organised by CAOS for ESC.
A reception organised in the Ridderzaal (the Hall of Knights - a building used for royal receptions), the Hague, to celebrate NMT receiving a royal charter (Simone Michelle).
From top to bottom:

His Royal Majesty King Willem Alexander enjoying a funny opening act at the NMT conference CAOS organised in the Beurs van Berlage (the old Stock Exchange), Amsterdam (Simone Michelle).

Guests admiring masterpieces such as Rembrandt's Night Watch at the NMT conference dinner CAOS organised in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam (Simone Michelle).
The NMT mid-summer night party, which CAOS organized at the beach in Noordwijk.
The industrial exhibition at the NMT conference in the Beurs van Berlage (the old Stock Exchange), Amsterdam (Simone Michelle).
Waiting for guests to arrive at the Nespresso conference dinner arranged by CAOS in the Beurs van Berlage (the old Stock Exchange), Amsterdam.
A special meeting set-up arranged for Nespresso by CAOS in Hotel Okura, Amsterdam.
The Prince (now King) of the Netherlands at the 'Heritage of the War' conference that CAOS co-organised, receiving his copy of the commemoration book.
A flyer for the European ministerial IDAHO meeting CAOS managed the registrations and other aspects of in The Hague.
The Clipper, the boat on which CAOS organised special community networking excursions for the Municipality of Amsterdam.
Harvesting mushrooms in Zimbabwe, where the Ten Foundation (founded and subsidized by CAOS) trains and supports vulnerable youth to create sustainable futures for themselves.
A card game CAOS developed with Bockting Ontwerpers and illustrator Sieb Posthuma to inform friends and colleagues about the work of the Ten Foundation (founded and subsidized by CAOS), which trains and supports vulnerable youth to create sustainable futures for themselves.
An evening of circus acts brought scientific discoveries and inventions together with the arts for a public audience. This was the 'Circus of Thoughts', organized by CAOS in the Carré Theatre in Amsterdam.
An exciting conference opening act arranged by CAOS in the RAI convention centre, Amsterdam.
An invitation CAOS developed with famous Dutch cartoonists (creators of Fokke and Sukke) to enable socio-economically disadvantaged people to receive free dental check-ups.

In Dutch the word for 'hole' (as in dental cavity) is the same as 'window' (as in space in an agenda). A patient is calling the dentists to make an appointment, and the receptionist then says that they cannot find any 'holes'. The cartoon can be interpreted as: The caller does not have cavities, as well as, the caller is happy the receptionist cannot find space in the schedule and therefore does not have to go to the dentist!

The invitation reads:
Have you been avoiding making a dental appointment because:
You have not been for so long?
You cannot afford the bill?
You just don't dare?
Select your answer and then take this card to your local dentist to make a free appointment.
Custom-designed 3-screen projection created by CAOS' preferred technical media company.
Blanca helping Janine putting on her shoes. She is proudly wearing Highly fashionable hot-pants…
(Photography: Carla van Thijn, make-up: Bodine Metz)
On the Catwalk!
(Photography: Froukje van der Zanden)